Roof Painting & Restoration

 Roof Painting

A good roof painting job adds value to your house, making it look great at the same time. Keeping your roof looking good is a priority for our roofing specialist in KL. It is important to keep the paintwork on your roof up to date for number of reasons. Painting your roof with right colour helps your roof stand out more with higher aesthetic value. A roof that has a well-maintained paint surface will be more resistant to breakages. Roof painting job prevents water seepage into your roof tiles, which otherwise the water leakage will lead to built-up moisture in the roofing system promotes growth of mould, lichen that will affect the look and functionality of your roof.

Whatever circumstances you are in, we will find the right paint to do the right job for you. No operation is too big or too small, we can do it all. So if you need a good paint on your roof, we will make sure it can be done and at the right price.

Roof painting & restoration workscope

– residential painting

– commercial painting

– roof gutter

– downspout

– roof tile

– fascia

– skirtings