Roof Leakage Repair

Roof Leakage Repair

We specialize in roof leakage repair by locating and fixing leaks in your roof. Our roofing experts will handleall leaking roof situations, including general wear and tear, breaks in tiles or ridge capping, seepage through flashings to roofs that have blown off due to severe weather. Our roof repair specialists are also accustomed to working with various types of buildings, including commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Roof leakage repair is one of the most common servicethat our roofing specialistare asked for. Depending on the age of the building and the type of the roof, the problem may not be too serious, though one cannot fully know until extensive inspection is done.

Leakage often happens in the interior side of the house, sometimes within the structure itself. Worse still, leakage can cause mold or the breaking of the roof. Moss and lichen detaches with heavy rain, rolling into your gutter. If your gutters are slightly blocked, the moss and lichen with accumulate and block the gutters, causing all sorts of problems.There can also be problems with the moss growing in between the water course channels of the roof tile and blocking the correct flow of water. This is why roof leakage repair should be left to professionals like us.

Say no toleaking roof! Call us for roof leakage repair if you need one!

Roof leakage repair workscope

–water leakage detect and repair

– fix seepage through flashing

– replace broken roof tiles which cause leaking

– fix leaky ridge capping

– seal roof joints which cause water break-in

-roof waterproofing layer apply and install

-weatherproof sealant