Re-roofing Service & Roof Installation

Roof Repair Services In KL & Selangor

Our re-roofing service and roof installation cover frame works and minor roof components. Think your roof is old and needs a new look? It’s time to call us for a roof remodeling then! Roof installation and re-roofing service we offer are also a good reason for a roof upgrade for your house. Having a new, beautiful roof will increase the durability and value of both your roof and property for the times to come. We can work with different types of roofs from minor roofing worksto whole roof replacement and major repairs. Our roof roofing services are catered for both residential areas and corporate office, large commercial buildings.

Consult our roofing contractor in KL, Selangor for roof installation and re-roofing service for available options. We are ready to help your roof becomes better.

Re-roofing service & roof installation workscope

– re-roofing such as changing new roof tiles/roof panels

– replace existing roofing system

– renovate roof system, roof truss construction, installation

– reconstruct new roof for extension, provide joining between new roof and old roof

– painting works of roof tiles, gutter, downpipe, fascia, truss etc

– apply entire roof coating

– replace and upgrade roof heat insulation system

– re-install heat insulation layer