Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair

Home Flat Roof Repair Service

Flat roof repair works almost always concern leaks. In that context, we are equipped to provide flat roof repair with sealants to prevent leaking. Our contractors will inspect and find the source of the leak, before applying sealant or waterproof cement. We will be sure to fill cracks with caulking materials prevent further leakage. Most roofers would attend only the particular spot, but we will cover the whole roof. This doesn’t only stop the leaking, but also protect other parts of the roof from harsh weather effects.

Concrete Roofing Repair Company

In concrete roofing repair, waterproofing is not the only treatment. Our concrete roofing repair experts are responsible of replacing all the necessary roofing felt. This is because most leaks are not only on the top or surface, but below them. Through our repairing experience, we have seen that leaks can damage other layers of the roof. This makes it necessary to include re-caulking the exposed nails, replacing damaged tiles as well as repositioning the tiles.

To complete it further, we will replace the felt that can still allow water to leak through, especially if it is worn out and old.