Roof Repair Services In KL & Selangor

Roof Repair Services In KL & Selangor

We provide complementary roof repair services to households and commercial buildings in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Our roof repair services range from roofing system, roofing components and to roof structure build and repair.

Our roof company in KL handle all the roofing services with integrity and efficiency. We have been well-trained over the years in delivering appropriate roofing system repairs and maintaining services that never falls short of standards.

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Is Your Roof Safe & Secure?

Warning: Roof leak alert! Please proceed with caution…

Roof Leakage and Moisture

  • Water seepage through flashing
  • Water leak through roof tiles
  • Leakage through ridge capping
  • Penetrated roof sealants

Old and Worn Out Roof

  • Old and broken, eroded roof tiles
  • Deteriorating roofing system exposed to wear and tear
  • Rusted metal roofs
  • Damaged gutter and downspout
  • Damaged skylights
  • Faded roof paint

Roof That Lacks Maintenance

  • Slow water drainage, standing water due to improper drainage
  • Blockage of gutter, downspout by foreign substances
  • Growth of moss and debris on roof tiles, gutter, downspout and other parts of roof

Roof Damage

  • Blow off damage by strong wind
  • Structural damage from impacts

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